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the issues

The Issues

A diversified sustainable economy is important to all Alaskans. Over the last 40 years Alaska has spent money generated from the production of our North Slope Oil resources on government operations and capital projects. Recognizing that oil resource are non-renewable and will eventually be depleted we could have targeted our capital projects toward sustainable infrastructure that would have supported and grown other sectors of our economy - but we did not. The economic frustrations that Alaskans are experiencing today are the result of our leadership's failure to plan for the inevitable decline in our oil wealth and to build Alaska’s economic future with a comprehensive fiscal plan. My pledge to you is that I will work hard to accomplish and support the following:  

OUR Economy:

A comprehensive fiscal plan

Comprehensive statewide economic development strategy that guides investment and builds a sustainable economy

Development of industries that help offset reliance on oil, including marijuana and hemp

                       A business-friendly Alaska

                       Affordable clean energy in the interior


OUR Social issues:

                       Strong pre-K through UA

   Affordable and accessible health care

                       Equal rights for all Alaskans


Thank you, Kathryn